Here is the method to solve your life problems and fulfill genuine wishes. 

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The method to solve problems in anyone’s life and fulfill genuine wishes is known as P3Y. P3Y is the best method in this universe. By using this, anyone can make their life healthier, wealthy, more peaceful, and happier than in the present.

P3Y consists of P1, P2, P3 & Y

P1 stands for Paramji! Alias his holiness has the power to solve the problems of life and fulfill genuine wishes.

P2 stands for Papr—Papr is the method of eleven sentences that can be used to solve problems and fulfill genuine wishes.

P3 & Y for Paramyog: Paramyog is a method for achieving mental peace, curing mental diseases, and fulfilling spiritual wishes; increasing memory power, concentration, and so on. 

For the solution of any problem related to physical health or any other earthly day-to-day life problems, P2, i.e., Papr, is used. Using Papr along with our efforts will fulfill genuine wishes and solve problems in anyone’s life.

For the curing of mental diseases, it is required to use P2(Papr) along with P3 and Y, i.e., Paramyog for curing mental illness.

p1 – Paramji ! Alias His holiness

p2 – Papr 

Papr is the method of eleven sentences that can be used to solve our life problems & fulfilling genuine wishes  =>


  1. Paramam Sharnam Gachchhami
  2. Hansam Sharnam Gachchhami
  3. Advaitam Sharnam Gachchhami
  4. Anandam Sharnam Gachchhami
  5. Charnam Sharnam gachchhami
  6. Hey Paramji !
  7. Mujh Par Kripa Karo
  8. Sir Jhukakar Paramji ! ko namaskar karta hoon
  9. (i) Give me mental peace , (ii) Increase income of my business
  10. As soon as my desire will fulfill, I will Pay USD 1/10/100/1000……million / billion, etc.(any amount as per your wish/problem ) as Pakar to Paramji!
  11. As soon as my desire will fulfill, I will explain this P3Y by any means to 1/11/100….etc. new persons (any no.) /Organize 1,2,3……etc. (any number) P3Y class as pakar.


Sentences no. 1 to 8 are the contact lines & these are to be pronounced the same as written here it can not be translated into any other language. Any mistakes in the pronunciation of these lines should be avoided. After uttering the 8th line, the person has to bow his head by assuming that Paramji! Alias, his holiness is in front of him.

In the 9th sentence, you have to say your problem( only one at a time) or any genuine wish that you want to get fulfilled with the help of this method. Of the above 11 sentences, sentences 9 (i) and (ii) are just examples. You have to say your one problem or wish in place of sentences 9 (i) and (ii).

In the 10th sentence, you have to say the amount that you have to give to Paramji! Alias, his holiness after the fulfillment of your wish. Decide the amount before doing the papr. Your problem or wish should determine the amount; for minor problems or wishes, a small amount may suffice; for major or critical problems, a significant amount may be required. It should be done according to that. Don’t say the amount that you are not capable of paying. If the wish is large and requires a large sum, you can say the amount to be paid in a number of installments. It should be at least in which you can pay without creating any problems for your personal life.

You have to do P3Y publicity by any means like meeting personally, television, Print media, or any method to persons who don’t know about P3Y.

The deposit of money and P3Y publicity following the fulfillment of wishes or the resolution of a problem is the person’s responsibility. After the fulfillment of your wish or solving the problem, you can make a payment through the payment page on this website.

p3&Y – PaRAMYOG 

Paramyog is one of the methods of P3Y to cure mental diseases, achieve mental peace, increase memory power, concentration, cure high blood pressure problems, and other such types of physical & mental problems.

Method of Paramyog :

Sit in a comfortable position on the ground, bed, or on a chair with your backbone straight, neck straight, forehead straight, eyes closed, lips open, upper & lower front teeth in a close position, breath in from the mouth with the front teeth in the closed position, and when the lungs are full, the front teeth will become in the open position and the mouth will be closed & then breathe out from nose with a sound (like a humming sound). During this method, your tongue will be in a resting position and your mind will be on the holy invisible powerhouse  “Paramji! alias, his holiness”. Performing breathing in and breathing out one time is called one paramnad. It could be done a minimum of three times and a maximum of 10 times in a single sitting as per your requirement (in which you achieve mental peace ).

Precautions for Paramyog: Paramyog should not be done in a polluted atmosphere and not while driving. The maximum number of paramnads in a whole day should not be more than 30. Do the Paramyog at least three times a day to achieve great results 1. after just waking up in the morning in bed. 2. prior to leaving for the office/school/work 3. Before sleeping at night, Wherever or whenever you find yourself in mental unrest or any uncomfortable position, find yourself in the proper isolated place & do the Paramyog to get mental peace. Follow the method properly and you will achieve much more than expected.