scope of the method 

Physical & Mental Health

Physical & Mental health conditions can be improved by using this method examples are as below :  

Physical & Mental Health

  • remain safe from life-threatening viruses/diseases.
  • Mental Peace
  • Happiness
  • Relief from suicidal thoughts/tendency
  • Sound Sleep
  • Cure mental diseases like Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, obsessive/compulsive disorder, eating disorder, etc.
  • Relief from acute/chronic headache
  • Relief in any kind of physical health problem
  • Get rid of addictions
  • Fixing of quick appointment with the doctor
  • Right & quick diagnose of disease
  • A right prescription from the doctor
  • Successful operation
  • Relief from Migraine 
  • Improve eyesight, cure eye infections, etc.
  • Solution of regular illness problem
  • etc.


  • Increase the income of a business.
  • Recover debt
  • Safe, quick & cheap transportation of materials.
  • Clearing of a long time unsold material stock
  • On-time delivery of the shipment
  • Find a best-suited place for a showroom/hotel/Business venture.
  • Make shop safe from miscreants/ Burglars /any miss happening.
  • The establishment remains safe from accidents /any compliance-related problems.
  • Criminally minded people stay away from hotels/shops/businesses.
  • Find best-suited employees for the business.
  • Minimum wear & tear in machinery.
  • Reduce the operation/maintenance cost of business.
  • Help in rectifying the problem of machinery quickly.
  • Help in getting an order from any specific company.
  • get maximum income from the taxi.
  • Save taxi from accidents.
  • etc.


  • Solutions for unhealthy family relations
  • A good relationship between family members
  • Safety of family members
  • Getting wishful gender baby
  • Easy & healthy conceiving of a child
  • Proper & best upbringing of children with the best talent and moral values
  • Saving of family members from any untoward incident.
  • Saving of life in critical accidents
  • Happy & Safe journey
  • etc.


  • Increase memory power, concentration, IQ
  • Increase interest in the study.
  • Increase thinking capability.
  • Increase decision-making power.
  • Success in competitive examinations.
  • Admission in reputed colleges.
  • Best grades in examinations.
  • A good relationship with co-students.
  • Make Friends with like-minded and progressive students.
  • Relief from exam phobia.
  • Increase self-confidence.
  • Make calm minded during interview/presentations.
  • Help in making presentation effective.
  • Increase interest in any specific subject.
  • remain healthy during examinations.
  • Increase the capability of making the right decisions quickly.
  • Make student/teacher favorable.
  • etc.

Natural calamities

  • Save life and property from natural calamity                ( Tornado, Flood, Fire, etc. )

Agriculture & Animal

  • Increase crop growth
  • Solve the problem of specific diseases with crops/trees.
  • get maximum income from crops/fruits.
  • Reduce loss in crops.
  • Make crop/fruits being sold before getting damaged.
  • Increase milk of milch cattle .
  • Cure illness of animal quickly.
  • etc.

Supernatural Desires/problems

  • Get a solution to the evil power problems.
  • Make any specific place free from evil powers.
  • etc.

Spiritual Desires

  • Mental Peace
  • Self Realizations
  • Self Awakening
  • Salvation
  • etc.

=>these are just a brief discussion of fields in which this method can be used & it will be helpful. Problems or wishes related to any type of any such field can be solved by using this method. But there are some conditions that you have to remember before using this method.

  • This method can only be used for genuine wishes.
  • This method is for those who do their bit but could not succeed.
  • This method will not fulfill any preposterous desire.
  • Before using this method, first of all, make sure that you don’t want to try other resources available with you anymore or it is advisable to try your all available resources then try this method for the solution of any problem /for any wish.
  • You do not have to give any money to anyone before fulfillment of your wish or solution to your problem so there is no chance of getting cheated. You have to pay the said amount of Papr (i.e. P2) as per your own, it will be solely your responsibility no one is going to ask you for that. If you want to purchase P3Y stuff or want to get a consultation/joining webinar then you have to pay for that.
  • This method will not fulfill wishes :

             * which can harm yourself

             * which can harm someone else

             *casinos, betting, share market, lottery, etc.